Year In Review
It Happened This Year
  • Published Dec 13, 2004
  • Introduction

    The Republicans Picked Our Pockets

    A Gay American Was Born

    The Meatpacking District Got So Popular That Nobody Goes There Anymore

    The Internet’s Bust Became a Boom (Who Ever Doubted It?)

    The War Came Home

    The Average Apartment Cost a Million Bucks

    New York Got Malled

    A Nice Plate of Pike Quenelles Got a Little Harder to Find

    Carrie Bradshaw Went Off the Market

    ‘It’ Girls Lost It

    Martha Brought Homemaking to the Big House

    The iPod People Invaded

    Arugula Made House Calls

    Baby Banks Ate New York

    Howard Stern Blasted Into Outer Space

    The Little Abandoned Train Line That Could, Did

    Firefighters Lost Their Halos

    Grandstanding Architects Were Everywhere—But Only Some Could Build What They Grandstanded About

    Protesters Spun Their Wheels

    Brooklyn Got a New Bogeyman

    New York Became the Capital of Blue

    The Yankees Got Spooked

    Hockey Ceased to Matter

    Poker Became the New Pogo Stick

    We Got Upstaged in Our Own City

    Merely Setting Foot on the Street Induced Panic and Dread

    One Generation of Style Icons Made Way for the Next

    The Next Generation of Designers Started Down the Runway

    The Waist Returned

    A Daring ’Do Cost a Ton of Dough

    Pizza Got a New Upper Crust

    New York Porked Out

    Sushi Became the New Luxury Fetish

    Museums Got Gigantic

    Rothko Trumped Renoir

    Liberals Learned to Scream as Loudly as Conservatives

    Documentaries Turned Into Agitprop—and Minted Cash

    'Avenue Q' Took the Tony and Ran

    DVDs Saved the Comedy Star

    Crystal Meth Went Underground

    New York Tried to Make a Happening—But It Didn’t Happen

    Jon Stewart Became Bigger Than That Anchor . . . You Know, That One From Canada


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