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Warren Beatty's Hostesses, Then and Now

Thirty years ago, mod swingers ogled cottontailed cuties at the Playboy Club; now high rollers hit on modelly maidens at Moomba. A&E's documentary The Bunny Years (June 27) makes us wonder just how much the cocktail shifts really differ.


DRESS CODE Bunnies: Satin ears, bow ties, and cottontails added naughtier touch to already-naughty bustier suit. Moombas: Tiny tank tops make it hard to tell waitresses from customers.

GROPE FACTOR Bunnies: One bold Bunny made off with rib king Tony Roma. Moombas: Jaycee Gossett dazzled Val Kilmer, now her beau, during night-manager stint.

CASH WITHDRAWAL Bunnies: Lauren Hutton scored $450 one 1962 night, then had to store cash in cleavage -- right next to rolled-up socks. Moombas: Tip average of $250 barely covers pair of kitten-heel Jimmy Choo sandals.

SERVICE CHARGE Bunnies: Acrobatic "Bunny Dip" was de rigueur when delivering drinks: Bunnies faced tables with tail, arched back, and lifted left heel. Moombas: Waitresses serve martinis by stem -- ladies first. "We're friendly but aloof," says one.


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