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Forever Younger

When it comes to making older-women- younger-men relationships seem like business as usual, celebrities lead the way.


Latest Couplings

    Candace Bushnell (43) and Charles Askegard (33)
    Madonna (43) and Guy Ritchie (33)
    Jane Pratt (39) and Andrew Shaifer (36)
    Courteney Cox (38) and David Arquette (30)
    Daryl Hannah (42) and David Blaine (29)
    Bo Derek (46) and John Corbett (41)
    Geena Davis (46) and Reza Jarrahy (31)
    Meg Ryan (40) and Craig Bierko (38)
    Janet Jackson (36) and Justin Timberlake (21)
    Nicole Kidman (35) and Tobey Maguire (27)
    Sandra Bullock (38) and Ryan Gosling (21)
    Joan Collins (68) and Percy Gibson (36)
    Carol Burnett (69) and Brian Miller (46)
    Ashley Judd (34) and Dario Franchitti (29)
    Sadie Frost (34) and Jude Law (29)
    J. K. Rowling (36) and Neil Murray (30)
    Rene Russo (48) and Dan Gilroy (42)

Old Standbys
    Sigourney Weaver (52) and Jim Simpson (45)
    Julianne Moore (41) and Bart Freundlich (32)
    Susan Sarandon (55) and Tim Robbins (43)
    Francesca Annis (58) and Ralph Fiennes (40)
    Goldie Hawn (56) and Kurt Russell (51)
    Raquel Welch (62) and Richard Palmer (47)
    Vanessa L. Williams (39)and Rick Fox (33)

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    Inspired by Hollywood, increasing numbers of New York women are aiming younger -- and scoring higher.

  • Boys on Film
    Recently, there's been an epidemic of older-women-younger-men films.

  • Older Statesman
    With its timely tale of a young man and a not-so-young woman, Tadpole could make director Gary Winick an overnight sensation -- after more than a decade in the movie business.


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