Map No 6: Austin Street
Run-D.M.C. had Christmas in Hollis, but Forest Hills is packed with chains, boutiques, and hard-to-find items that make the F-train trip worthwhile. Just off Queens Boulevard, you’ll find a cluster of stores on Austin Street.
  • By Aja Mangum
  • Published

  • Dress from 55DSL ($129) available at Inside.
    Cheery floral mary janes from D&G ($80) at Blue Elephant.
    Miss Blumarine sequined minidress ($268) at Piccolo Mondo.
    Furry moon boots by Bridget (from $400), at Lulu's Boutique.
    Futuristic helmets ($200) at nearby Spin City Cycles.

    (1.) Inside
    71-21 Austin St.
    A good source for clothes and accessories not readily available in Manhattan, like shoes from Irregular Choice. More recognizable names include 55DSL (dress shown right, $129), Ben Sherman, and Le Tigre.

    (2.) Blue Elephant
    107-21 71st Rd.
    Even though it’s tucked away on a side street, it’s hard to miss this festive store. One side has formalwear for boys and girls, while the other has footwear. Try cheery floral mary janes from D&G (pictured right, $80) or a pink Chanel-esque three-piece skirt suit from Zoe Inc. ($255).

    (3.) Piccolo Mondo
    107-06 71st Rd.
    This could be Intermix for babies. Browse through crowded racks of pricey designer duds from Cavalli, Moschino, and Cacharel for girls and boys up to size 16. The Miss Blumarine sequined minidress (as shown in the upper right-hand corner, $268) is good for dressing up tots for family gatherings.

    (4.) Maiko
    71-11 Austin St.
    No brand names are found in this pint-size boutique, but the clothes are so savvy and stylish no one should care. Affordable picks include a brown corduroy skirt ($45), knitted short-sleeved turtlenecks, and sequined camis ($35–$40).

    (5.) Soleil
    71-43 Austin St.
    This shop is so jam-packed with home furnishings, it’s hard to navigate the skinny aisles. The aesthetic is bipolar: Furniture is all dark wood and black leather, while home accessories are candy-colored and playful. Try Mistral soaps ($6) that are pretty enough to be decorations, and dining chairs (part of a complete set) with artful Japanese writing on their backs ($430 each).

    (6.) Games Workshop
    71-59 Austin St.
    A place for serious gamers—consoles and joysticks not required. If you’re shopping for a young teen boy, Dungeons & Dragons requires more imagination than video games, and it’s cheaper, too. Newer cults like Warhammer 40,000 ($45) create mini-battlefields, where kids use figurines and dice to pretend they’re in another time.

    (7.) Lulu’s Boutique
    70-34 Austin St.
    Don’t let the throngs of giggly teens keep you out: Sophisticated adult options here include Sweet Tees’ emerald cami with burgundy lace trim ($69), and your little sis will love the selection of furry moon boots by Bridget (right, from $400).

    (8.) Stoa
    71-60 Austin St.
    Semiprecious jewelry is handmade in a workshop at the back of this cozy store. You won’t find over-the-top multi-carat pieces, but they’ll whip up a customized creation in a minimum of two weeks for a reasonable price— a pair of simple sterling-silver earrings is just $35.

    (9.) Spin City Cycle
    110-50 Queens Blvd.
    One-stop shopping for serious bikers— or those who just want to look serious. Bikes from Bianchi, Jamis, and Specialized hang from the walls, next to futuristic helmets (right, $200), Diadora sneakers, and 7-Eleven spandex bike suits. The hot item is the Indoor Trainer, a gadget that turns your cycle into a stationary exercise bike ($200).

    (10.) Emilio’s Ski Shop
    112-32 Queens Blvd.
    Skiers and snowboarders will find stacks of gear and equipment from major brands like Burton, Salomon, and Ride. This 47-year-old family-owned business also does bus trips to Hunter Mountain, seasonal leasing, and rentals.


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