• By Jada Yuan
  • Published
  • "Southern Comfort"

    (33.) Calliope
    135 Grand St., nr. Berry St.; 718-486-0697
    This sparsely stocked new boutique sells high-quality vintage on consignment, as well as clothing by young locals like Sarah and Mociun, whose aesthetic could be called “hard girlie.” Look for “Glove Notes”—tufts of feather fixed flapper style to the head by trails of black lace.

    (34.) The Trash Bar
    256 Grand St., nr. Roebling Ave.; 718-597-1000
    With furniture that looks ripped from an old airplane, this rock club lives up to its name. Among the four to five bands a night ($6 to $8 cover charge, with open bar and free tater tots), you might be lucky enough to catch a next big thing like TV on the Radio.

    (35.) Allman Fine Wine and Liquor
    268-270 Grand St., nr. Roebling Ave.; 718-388-8872
    It’s not the fanciest wine store—that would be Bottle Shoppe on Bedford Ave. (718-302-3433)—but this mural-covered space gets the job done with a big selection of $6 wines. They can make a $200 budget for a 100-person party work, and they’ll deliver anywhere in Williamsburg, usually within the hour and with no minimum.

    (36.) Bozu
    296 Grand St., nr. Havemeyer St.; 718-384-7770
    This cozy, pretty Japanese sushi restaurant is a good place to try shochu, the grainier alternative to sake—twenty brands are lit from behind, apothecary style.

    (37.) Foodswings
    295 Grand St., nr. Havemeyer St.; 718-388-1919; foodswings.net
    This vegan fast-food joint is run by refugee recyclers from Staten Island’s hardcore scene and skips the rice and veggies for truly delicious fake meat, breaded and fried. Buffalo wings and soy milkshakes attract an endless stream of bicyclists.

    (38.) Larry Lawrence
    295 Grand St., nr. Havemeyer St. 718-218-7866
    Williamsburg’s most beautiful lounge is also its most peaceful, thanks to an unmarked doorway and a long hallway back from the street. Have a contemplative cigarette on the second-story smoking deck.

    The colorful mural at Bicycle Doctor.  
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