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Cashmere Got Holes?


Q: Where can I find someone to repair moth holes in cashmere sweaters?
—Pamela Bayne, Upper West Side

A: Moths, sharp edges, toddlers with nail scissors: They’re the WMDs of fashion. But Ron Moore, at the French American Reweaving Company (119 West 57th Street, Suite 1406; 212-765-4670), can repair holes of nearly any size. He’ll take threads from a seam or hidden spot and work them into the fabric to make an invisible patch. “Moth holes are hard, because when they feed on the fabric, they weaken the area,” says Moore, who’s been at the shop for decades. Repairs take a couple of weeks, and cost $45 to $110 per hole.

At Alice Zotta (2 West 45th Street, Room 1701; 212-840-7657), the piece-weaving technique is used: The artisans cut spare material from the garment, and its threads are woven into the edges of the hole, by hand, one thread at a time. Zotta, who learned reweaving as a girl in a clothing factory in Italy, still works in the 40-plus-year-old shop. Prices range from $15 (for reknitting a tiny moth hole) to $100.


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