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Eye Zone

Soothing eye masks, creams that'll make you glow like J.Lo, and the ultimate skin smoothers.


Eye Zone
Packing Your Bags
One of the first places to show fatigue or age is the delicate area under the eyes. But experts claim that using an eye pad or mask for ten to twenty minutes before going out can make a profound difference, smoothing the skin, decreasing puffiness, and allowing makeup to glide on unimpeded. In May, Chanel is introducing Eye Patch Total, which contains ginseng extract to help diminish puffiness by stimulating blood flow, scutellaria extract to prevent fine lines, and marine protein for moisture ($65 for eight patches; available at Bloomingdale’s). Also worth trying is Estée Lauder’s Stress Relief Eye Mask, a strip—saturated with cucumber and aloe vera for hydration—that you place under each eye ($28.50 for ten at Saks Fifth Avenue). Shiseido’s Benefiance Mask has a more adhesive quality and also contains ginseng ($35 for ten at Bergdorf Goodman), while the Qiora Eye Wrapping Spa Mask covers the eye area entirely and includes chestnut rose extract for moisture ($30 for eight at Qiora). No one will know you didn’t actually get your eight hours.

Bright Idea
Shine On
Whether you’re looking for an angelic aura or the sensual J.Lo glow, creams with a slight shimmer are being used this season from head to toe. Lorac makes Luminizer in light and dark shades for all-over luster ($28 at Sephora) and Sheer Shimmer for lips and cheeks, available in champagne, deep golden bronze, and burnt rose ($17.50 at Sephora). Becca’s Bronze Shimmering Skin Perfector ($33 at Bergdorf Goodman) gives skin a healthy radiance. In May, Kate Spade will introduce a scented shimmering body cream, Classic Pearls ($42 at Bloomingdale’s), and Delux Beauty will come out with Liquid Pearl ($32 at Sephora).

Skin Deep
Slough It Off
Peels that super-exfoliate the face have become a beauty obsession, but now the body-conscious are taking it to the next level. This spring, spas and dermatologists are offering peels for the entire body, specifically rough spots like the knees, elbows, and heels. “You notice when you pull out the mules or sleeveless dresses in the warm weather, heels and elbows can look rough and darker. Believe it or not, it makes these areas look old,” says Yasmine Djerradine, whose spa now offers the Body Powerpeel at $40 for the knees, $30 for elbows or heels, and $550 for a full-body exfoliation. (30 East 60th Street, Suite 101; 212-588-1771.) Dermatologist Rhoda Narins uses microdermabrasion ($75 for one area, $125 for two, $200 for three) or a 15 to 25 percent TCA (trichloracetic acid) peel ($150 for one area, $250 for all three). But like any good dermatologist, she warns, “If you do these treatments, make sure you use lots of moisturizer and sun protection.” (1049 Fifth Avenue, at 86th Street; 212-288-9910.)

Editor's Pick
Bond No. 9
In an homage to New York City, Laurice Rahmé has created Bond No. 9—not one, but sixteen scents, each inspired by a different neighborhood. With names like Nouveau Bowery and Eau de Noho, the fragrances—women’s, men’s, and unisex—are dispensed from large glass containers and sold by the ounce. The purchaser then selects a vintage bottle ($80 to $200), a contemporary-art bottle ($60 to $180), or a two-ounce basic spray bottle ($20 to $28). $40 to $45 per ounce at Creed and Bond No. 9 stores.


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