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Q: A friend who almost got a face-lift ended up getting Botox injections instead. I hate to say it, but she really does have fewer wrinkles, and since I'm not getting any younger, I'm tempted (especially because there are no scalpels involved). And I just heard that Botox is being used for more than just banishing wrinkles. True?


A: Yes, the brow-furrow eliminator of the nineties now has a myriad of new beautifying functions that include erasing lines around the eyes and mouth, lifting sagging skin on the neck, and even ending sweaty palms. After years of using Botox for chasing forehead wrinkles, Dr. Fredric Brandt, the Murray Hill "Botox king" dermatologist (889-7096), discovered that the toxin could also be used to define a sagging jawline by freezing muscles in the neck area. "Now we're able to tailor the applications to each person," says Dr. Brandt. For instance, "we can lift your eyes and smooth your brow." Dr. Thomas Loeb (327-3700), the Upper East Side plastic surgeon famous for rehabbing Paula Jones's proboscis, has started injecting Botox into areas usually tackled with collagen or fat injections, such as the nasolabial folds and the marionette lines at the corners of the mouth, to eliminate heavy laugh lines and permanent sneers. And if it's chronically moist hands you want to be free of, Botox also stops sweating when injected directly into the palms and other problem areas. The procedure takes effect in three to five days and needs to be repeated every four to six months, at a cost of $450 per targeted area.


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