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Best Bets

The freshest tofu in town. Plus, made-to-measure lingerie, a musical beanie, sleek urban riding...


Why? Some restaurants tout tofu flown daily from Tokyo, but the freshest is at the West Village’s new EN Japanese Brasserie (435 Hudson St., at Leroy St.; 212-647-9196), where they make it from scratch every 90 minutes from 6 to 11:30 P.M. for just $7. The times for a new batch are listed on the menu, which means you can synchronize your arrival to catch the very latest spoon of boiled soy milk. Served either warm or chilled in a beautiful square black lacquer box, EN’s version is soft, creamy, and comforting like a warm custard pudding, with salty contrast on the side courtesy of wari-joyu (soy and dashi-bonito stock) sauce. Once you’ve gotten a taste, you’ll want to try the Berkshire pork belly braised in sansho miso ($13) and the deep-fried red snapper simmered in soy ($12), too.