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Father's Day Best Bets

Feathercraft's folding kayak and a Lendal paddle. Plus, a tennis sweater that's not stuffy, a piece of baseball history, a computer moniter made for lounging...


The Best Bet
If Dad has always yearned to kayak but resisted out of storage concerns, here’s the solution. Feathercraft’s folding kayak, meant for touring (as opposed to white water), is fifteen feet long when assembled (which takes about twenty minutes, after a bit of practice), but when folded will fit in a duffel-style backpack. It can be checked as standard airline baggage, fits easily into the trunk of a car, and weighs only 35 pounds, thanks to an aluminum frame and urethane-welded skin. Pair it with a Lendal paddle—the interchangeable blades on this version make them easy to replace when damaged or broken (kayak, $2,363; paddle, $415, at NY Kayak Co.; 212-924-1327).