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Tiny cameras...

...slick supply racks, and convertible coffee tables


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Hot Pots
You had your Jean-Georges moments cooking up five-star feasts in your old anodized-aluminum pots -- but painstakingly hand-washing them was always a downer. The new collection from Anolon Titanium lets you have it both ways: The hard-anodized cookware is gourmet-quality and conducts heat just as well as the originals, but it's also nonstick and dishwasher-safe. Sets are $300 to $400; individual pieces are $30 to $155.
1000 Third Avenue, at 59th Street/212-705-3000

Know the Drill
Do-it-yourselfers short on storage space (and who isn't?) will love Black & Decker's new Multi-Tool. It's a twelve-volt drill, sander, and jigsaw, all in one handy case. The interchangeable attachments install with an easy-to-use lock-and-release mechanism ($99.99).
1 Pennsylvania Plaza/212-760-1188
770 Broadway/212-253-9661

Neat and Tidy
Remember the joy of buying a shiny new plastic pencil case and filling it with colorful school supplies? Vitra offers a bigger, better version we dare any corporate supply-closet raider to resist: The Uten.Silo, Dorothee Becker's reissued 1969 "wall tidy," has pockets, hooks, and clips to keep your office -- or kitchen, bathroom, or nursery -- in order. And yes, Staples sells colored paper clips to stock it with ($260).
89 Grand Street/212-965-8817

Turn the Table
Designer Eric Pfeiffer may live in California, but he thinks like a studio-dwelling New Yorker. "Living in a small space, you can't afford to have a piece of furniture that does just one thing," he says. The bent-plywood table he designed for OFFI is characteristically economical: On its side, it's a coffee table with a built-in magazine rack. Stand it up, and it's a sleek bedside table or a laptop stand ($129).
125 Greenwich Avenue/212-989-4300
199 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn/718-599-7962

Sharp Shooter
When you're looking for a take-everywhere camera to catch the perfect candid, it pays to be small-minded. Kyocera's Finecam S3 is the tiniest 3.34-megapixel on the market today. It measures 3.4 inches wide by 2.2 inches high by a mere 1.2 inches deep. It has a 2X zoom lens and can shoot fifteen-second movies ($699).
509 Madison Avenue, at 53rd Street, suite 1810/212-317-0923
575 Lexington Avenue, near 52nd Street/212-753-5128
420 Ninth Avenue, at 33rd Street/212-444-6700

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