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Best Bets Daily: Friday

No Sweat

Posted July 15, 2005
This might be the most valuable piece of information I ever give you, especially to those of you who have been afraid to raise your hand in class, or have ruined innumerable pieces of clothing with sweat stains. I recently read about Certain Dri, a formerly prescription-only anti-perspirant that allegedly really works. I was skeptical, but willing to give it a try. It's a roll on that you only put on at night. You get up the next day, swim, shower, whatever, and do not apply at all until the evening (you will be skeptical, but trust me and go with the directions). As proof, I test drove it and wore things without sleeves. That’s not to say I didn’t sweat at all down my back (which I did!) but the pits remained dry. Hallelujah—it’s a miracle!

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