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Best Bets Daily: Friday

Google Doll

Posted August 5, 2005
Ever since I found out about Google’s SMS (short message service), I’ve been obsessed, addicted, and telling everyone I know about it. (I’ve been surprised at how many of my alleged tech geek friends never heard of it.) Bottom line: you never have to dial 411 again. Just whip out the cell phone and send a text message to GOOGL (note, no E) with, say, “Pastis, New York” or “Pastis 10014” and it will text you back the address and phone number of the restaurant. You can also get driving directions, movie show times, theatre locations, local weather conditions, and a lot more (it gets a tad more complicated, so check out the site for more details). Best yet, the service costs nothing other than what your carrier normally charges for a text message.

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