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Hey! It's That Guy!

Posted September 30, 2005
Last year, on Christmas Day, I was dining at SoHo house with a couple of friends. At the table next to us was a very big star, eating with a not-so-big star that looked very familiar. He’s the guy you know you know, but you can’t figure out exactly what movie you saw him in, and you certainly don’t remember his name, so you go home and surf the web for hours trying to figure it out. If you live in New York City, chances are this happens to you about once a week. Doesn’t it make you crazy? Not anymore! A new, hilariously funny book (by the creators of and, full disclaimer, one of the editors at New York Magazine) called Hey! It’s That Guy! will solve not all, but most of these celeb-spotting mysteries. It’s broken down by genre (ie: the guy who is always the mean teacher, the guy who is the prosecutor (never the defense attorney) in Law & Order-type shows, etc.) with an awesome easy-reference picture guide in the back.

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