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Bla Bla Bla

Posted October 14, 2005
If you're a to-do list maker, you're going to love Bla-bla List, a great new Web-browser-based application for making "secure, simple, sharable to-do lists," as the site's tagline reads. There is nothing to install, it takes literally seconds to sign up (for free!), and maybe 30 seconds to learn how to create any number of lists that you can title anything you want (e.g., "People to call back," "Things to pack for our trip"). Your list(s) pops up as a new little Web browser window, and you can call Bla-bla List up on any computer anywhere (you choose your own log-in and password), print out, share with others (e.g. keep a running "Groceries To Buy" list on your computer at work, then use the "Share" button so your mate at home can add to it over the Internet), and even email lists to yourself or others. The truly beautiful thing about Bla-bla List is that it's got an incredibly clever drag-and-drop function that allows you to reprioritize your list in seconds, giving you a level of control over the little browser window containing your to-dos that will seem almost magical the first time you experience it. There are other competing to-do list services on the Internet, but Bla-bla List has by far the most elegant design and coolest functionality, thanks to its use of Flash technology (which works on most browsers, on both Windows PCs and Macs). The gracious Belgium-based creators are simply asking for "spontaneous contributions" via PayPal to support their hosting costs. (For now.)

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