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Best Bets Daily: Monday

Girl Power

Posted March 7, 2005
We all have those annoying friends who are so tiny they can shop in the kid’s department—which, now that kid’s clothing is as cool or cooler than adults, is quite the coup. I will never be one of those people, unless it’s an accessory. And I do believe this is it—the mini duffel from Land’s End. Now, they call this a kid’s accessory, but I say that it’s a great summer bag, with very useful pockets, amazing bright colors and an equally amazing price: $14.50. But wait, there’s more! For a mere $5 extra, you can add one of five embroidered motifs—a whale, turtle, daisy, pineapple or a very on-trend-for-this-season cherry. That’s a whole lot of style for just $19.50. You can thank me later.

$14.50 at Call 1-800-963-4816 to add $5 motif.

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