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Best Bets Daily: Monday

Fall Carryall

Posted August 29, 2005
Guess who makes this bag? Cole Haan. That’s right, the same Cole Haan that you used to associate with your mom. The good news is that now you and your mom can both shop there and be very happy, on many levels. I love this bag (and, coincidentally, my non-bag-carrying mom does, too) for many reasons. 1. I love big bags. Any bag I carry must be able to fit one magazine and a backup pair of shoes. 2. It’s a good, modern, slouchy shape. 3. Pebble grain leather—gotta love it, especially in the chocolate brown. 4. It is only $265. Now, before you go screaming at me at how expensive that is, consider this: The dollar is in the toilet. The euro rules, and from any other designer this bag would be three times as much. Just buy it for fall and thank me later.

$265 at Cole Haan, multiple locations,

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