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Best Bets Daily: Thursday

Cingular Sensation

Posted April 14, 2005
What I like to think of as the current Sexiest Cellphone Alive—the Motorola RAZR V3—is now, suddenly, one of the best deals around. You've probably seen ads or commercials for this insanely stylish device, which is supermodel skinny (that's "RAZR" as in razor-thin), weighs just over three ounces, and has a sleek "aircraft aluminum" case with a backlit keypad that's etched from a single sheet of flexible nickel-plated copper. I've been carrying one around the last couple of weeks, and it really does live up to its hype (and it includes all sorts of other generally unheralded bells and whistles, including Bluetooth connectivity so you can use a wireless headset, a 4x zoom camera, a 1,000-entry phone book, and even a currency-converter calculator). The only problem with it is the price: It lists for a heart-stopping $599.99. But if you're on the verge of getting a new service plan anyway and are willing to sign up with Cingular, you can get it for $369.99—and then, even better, if you get it through Amazon (with free two-day shipping) by April 20th (next Wednesday, so hurry), you can also get a $150 rebate from Amazon and another $50 rebate from Cingular, which brings your new, first-class, aircraft-aluminum cellphone down to the price of coach.

$169.99 after rebates at

Buy it online at amazon