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Control Freak

Posted May 26, 2005
As far as I'm concerned, remote control = happiness. To me, there's nothing better than an elegantly designed device that makes life incrementally easier to manage. The new AirClick from Griffin Technology comes in two parts: a slim receiver that plugs into the top of your iPod, and a teeny remote with five buttons on it that let you pause, skip through tracks, fast forward and rewind, and adjust volume. It works from as far away as 60 feet using RF signals (a sort of remote-control frequency that can pass through walls, which makes this gizmo way better than older, competing products that use line-of-sight infrared signals), and it's totally genius if you tend to hook your iPod up to your home stereo system when you bring it home. The AirClick remote can also clip onto your car's steering wheel (with the enclosed Velcro strap/holster) or the handle of your bike to give you fingertip control of your music without having to actually fiddle with your iPod. At less than 30 bucks (if you buy it on sale at Amazon, which discounts it from its $39.99 list price), it's a cheap way to make your iPod even cooler. By the way, if you haven't yet hooked your iPod up to your home stereo, the iPod Home Connection Kit, also from Griffin, is a great, easy way to do so.

AirClick: $26.95 at
iPod Home Connection Kit: $14.99 at

Buy AirClick online at amazon
Buy iPod Home Connection Kit online at Target