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Best Bets Daily: Thursday

Clip and Tuck

Posted July 7, 2005
I always think that home organization stores are going to change my life: I'll stock up on some beautiful boxes and shelf dividers and assorted caddies, I'll finally put everything in its place, and then my world will become gloriously efficient and serene. Never quite works, though the fantasy endures, which is why I found myself in the Chelsea branch of The Container Store recently, where I did find one thing that (incrementally) improved my life: The Cord Clip. I bought a couple of these babies to keep the cords of some frequently used appliances in order. The design of The Cord Clip—it's an oversized, acrylic version of the kind of butterfly clip that you might put in your hair—makes it instantaneously usable, in a way that twist-ties and Velcro straps aren't. Now the cord for the hand blender doesn't get tangled up with the cord of the George Foreman grill when they're hiding away in their shared kitchen drawer. They both seem happier now.

$5 at The Container Store, 629 Sixth Ave., near 19th St., 212-366-4200; $6 at

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