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Best Bets Daily: Thursday

Just in Time

Posted September 22, 2005
I used to have this great, totally clever digital egg timer that was sold only at Lechter's, the housewares store. It was shaped like an egg and had a twist base that made it incredibly easy to set the time, and every time I used it, it offered me the simple pleasure of interacting with a well-made product. But then I lost it—I think probably it fell off the kitchen counter into the trash one day—and since Lechter's had gone out of business, I couldn't replace it. Now Brookstone, the venerable gadget haven, has reincarnated my missing timer with its own, new house-brand digital egg timer. It, too, has a twist base (it works both ways, so you can easily add or subtract from the time you're setting, up to 99 minutes) and well-positioned START/STOP and RESET buttons, as well as a clock setting. But it's actually way more attractive than my old Lechter's timer—and it's quietly taken a place of honor on my kitchen counter as a little totem of thoughtful, streamlined design.

$20 at Brookstone, multiple locations,

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