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Best Bets Daily: Thursday

Cut the Cord

Posted September 29, 2005
The one complaint I keep on hearing over and over again about the new iPod nano is that it gets scratched too easily—especially the black edition. (I suppose when Apple eventually makes an iPod the size of a postage stamp or a Tic-Tac, then people will complain it's too easy to swallow.) My complaint is that it's still got headphone cords. Eventually, Apple will figure out what Logitech already has: how to go cordless. The new Logitech Wireless Headphones for iPod is a two-piece set: the wireless headphone part and a little adapter that you plug into the headphone jack of your iPod. They sync using Bluetooth technology so you're free to wander up to 30 feet away from your iPod—and you can control (volume, play, pause, track) your iPod right on the side of the headset. Cool, huh? A really good thing: The set is rechargeable (8 hours per charge). A caveat: The headphones don't work properly with the iPod nano, which is too small to have the required jack configuration. But they do work with most of the millions of iPods already out there, including the Click Wheel iPods, older touch-wheel iPods with separate buttons, and the iPod mini.

$150 at J&R Music and Computer World, 15 Park Row, between Ann and Beeckman Sts., 212-238-9000;

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