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Best Bets Daily: Tuesday

Roped In

Posted March 1, 2005
I feel it’s only fitting that, after a long absence, I resume a more active Best Bets Daily role with a shoe. About a month ago, when I was felled with the flu that was going around, all I had the brainpower to do was watch Oprah re-runs and satisfy my spring “wants” by web shopping. Luckily, I chose to satisfy those wants not on (a gorgeous site but the equivalent of Bergdorf Goodman online) but at Urban Outfitters. Can we discuss these shoes? A little bit Miu Miu in the colorations, a little bit Bo-Ho with the rope accent, and a lot of genius in the price—$78. The best part (to me) is that they are really gorgeous (I’ve got ‘em on as I write this), look expensive, but are totally brand unidentifiable.

$78 at Urban Outfitters, 526 Sixth Ave., at 14th St., 646-638-1646,

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