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Best Bets Daily: Tuesday

Soap Fox

Posted March 29, 2005
You know who you are: the guy who won’t move in with your girlfriend, but crashes at her place every night. You won’t leave a toothbrush or extra clothes because it implies commitment—and you definitely won’t bring your bath products, because that’s just lame. Still, wouldn’t it be nice to leave her shower without smelling like Herbal Essence? Bring over a three-pack of this new Deco soap and spare yourself that floral-scented fate. Don’t be fooled by its website, which says it’s only for men: with lime, basil, and shea butter, this stuff smells great on either sex, plus the pretty packaging means you can disguise it as a present—not a step closer to couplehood.

$22 for a box of three at Lafco, 285 Lafayette St., near Houston St., 212-925-0001,

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