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Best Bets Daily: Wednesday

In the Mood

Posted February 16, 2005
We spend so much time and energy painting and decorating, yet we put zero attention on the bulbs within the beautiful lighting fixtures. Mood-Lites, a bright idea of business-school student Kathryn White, is an inexpensive—$5.95 per bulb—environmental attitude adjustment. These little babies are not garish party lights. Rather, the low lumin 25-watt bulbs offer up a glow, akin to that of a candle. The seven colors available are named for what their hues evoke: Renewal jade, Tranquility sapphire, Serenity turquoise, Passion crimson, Creativity purple, Happy yellow, and Energy orange. I put Happy along my entrance hallway, while my upstairs neighbor did a combination of Tranquility and soft white bulbs over his twins' cribs. Can you see the light?

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