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Best Bets Daily: Wednesday

Mission: The Third Date

Posted January 12, 2005
The third date is key. If you have one date, well, anything can happen once. If you go out twice, it could be a fluke. But the third date means you like it. If you find yourself in ominous category three, you may be a little freaked out. That's why I've put together the ultimate survival guide for The Third Date, guaranteed to get you to the next level—or, if you're so inclined, to help you escape:

GF Ferre
by Gianfranco Ferre
perfumes, $52 at Sephora, 10 Columbus Circle, at 60th St., 212-823-9383.
Great Date: Lightly mist this sweet-smelling fragrance on your neck. This new scent—with yummy plum notes for women and a warm wet-grass smell for guys—agrees with almost everyone.
Great Escape: Bathe in the fragrance just before your date, and don't be surprised when your potential sweetie bails with an "emergency".

The Royal Tenenbaums DVD, $14.99 at
Great Date: You either love Wes Anderson or hate his too-clever guts. That's why his movies are the best compatibility test ever. Bring it up in conversation and see how your date reacts—you'll learn loads about their sense of humor.
Great Escape: If your date says she's tired, look at her deadpan and say, "O.R. you?" Smile sardonically.

Leigh Bantivoglio camisole,
$59.95 at
Great Date: Wear it if you're a girl.
Great Escape: Wear it if you're a guy.