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Best Bets Daily: Wednesday

Que Buena!

Posted May 4, 2005
I recently had one of those New York experiences where you feel like you’re in a movie. It was a dinner party hosted by Selima (of Selima Optique). If you know Selima, or have ever met her, then you probably know what’s coming. You’re in this loft that’s decorated with finds from all over the world (preferred seating method = Moroccan pouf), with about eight people speaking at least three languages at any time. Right away, Selima put on a Yerba Buena CD. I had heard of the band, but had no idea that two of the members were sitting right across the table from me! Let’s just say the dancing started way before dinner was ever served. I came home (at some ungodly hour), bought the CD, President Alien, on iTunes and played it all day, even though I don’t speak Spanish and can’t understand a word they say. The song "Guajira" makes me thankful for the iPod remote so I can easily rewind and listen to it over and over and over again. Check out their website (note to cubicle workers—it has audio), buy their CD and write and beg them to play in NYC soon.

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