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Treat Me Right

I just can’t make it through the holidays without all the treats—pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce, chocolate, the works. I’m pretty sure that calories don’t travel through pores—is there some other way to get my seasonal fix?


There are more ways than shoveling it in to enjoy holiday treats. If you’re hoping to get to the end of the year without going up a size, try applying them externally. Equinox spa offers a Cranberry Pumpkin Enzyme facial that manages to exfoliate and hydrate while smelling quite a lot like pie (140 E. 63rd St., at Lexington Ave.; 212-750-4671).

You can always try filling your tub with eggnog, but we can’t promise that won’t clog the drain. Instead, try the spiked-cider manicure ($30) or pedicure ($60) at Haven (150 Mercer St., nr. Prince St.; 212-343-3515). They finish by sticking your hands and feet in warm mitts and booties filled with hot apple butter. As long as you don’t lick your fingers, you’re safe (and soft). If you’re really desperate for dessert, Repechage (115 E. 57th St., nr. Park Ave.; 212-751-2500) will scrub you from feet to neck with a cinnamon-and-sugar exfoliation ($75). The toothsomely named line Cake makes a Supremely Rich Bath and Shower Froth and Supreme Body Mousse that comes in coconut, sweet orange, and maple ($38 for the set of two at Lord & Taylor), and Origins has a line of chocolate-based body products called Cocoa Therapy. Spread on the moisturizing Total Body Treat ($28.50 at Origins), made from pure cocoa extract and cocoa butter. Biotherm’s Celluli-Choc ($46 at Zitomer), made with cocoa concentrate, has the added benefit of minimizing unsightly skin dimples. Those who prefer vanilla can inhale it via Annick Goutal’s Vanille Exquise eau de toilette ($65 at Henri Bendel) or Calypso’s Vanille Eau de Toilette ($50 at Calypso). Philosophy’s Gingerbread Man body soufflé ($30 at Sephora) tones and moisturizes, and Urban Decay’s Gingersnap body powder is actually lickable, but don’t stress—it’s made with sugar substitute. Kenzoki has a new Milky-Rice Body Scrub ($42 at Sephora) that is the next best thing to rice pudding.

Don’t forget your hair. Lather up with June Jacobs Cranberry Conditioning shampoo ($22 at Peninsula Spa) or Phyto’s Phytorhum ($20 at Zitomer), which smells just like eggnog. For those of us who are too orally fixated to be satisfied with these options, there are dentists with a solution. Quickbleach dental spa and boutique ($90 at 127 E. 56th St., nr. Lexington Ave.; 212-308-5577) is offering a seasonal line called “Holiday Sweets”: cleaning gels in Cookie Dough, Vanilla, Marshmallow, Cherry Pie, and Chocolate Fudge.


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