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How Would Sally Hershberger Spend $2,031,855?

That’s how much it costs the celebrity stylist to produce one season of her new denim line—it’s called Shag, of course. Here, she blows the cash on her favorite things.


My dog, Cherry, is very popular. She hangs out at the salon and jumps on ladies’ laps. I love it. She’s a “mini pins”—mini Doberman pinscher. People send her things constantly: sweaters, treats. She won’t wear shoes, but she likes to wear jewelry around her neck. I’d get her a new YSL collar and leash ($495). And a beautiful steak from Lobel’s ($35).

I already have two Hermès Birkin bags in black, but I’d love a great purple one ($26,000). I travel a lot, so a book of letters by Truman Capote ($27.95) would be great to have. I’m more of a read-to-learn type, as opposed to read-to-get-lost. I never see movies. Not even the ones that my clients are in.

When I shop I like to customize. There’s a value in uniqueness. I’d special-order two Lucien Pellat-Finet cashmere sweaters ($2,200 each), one in navy blue with a lime-green skull on the back, another in pink with an orange peace sign. And I’d buy aviators at Oliver Peoples, and have them make colored lenses for me. I already have rosy pink, but I’d love a gold and a green ($385 each).

Right now I’m much more interested in furniture and art than clothes. My apartment in New York is a penthouse with floor-to-ceiling glass windows—it’s a jewel box in the sky. I buy whatever Joe D’Urso, my decorator, tells me to. There’s a very low Gio Ponti dresser I’d get at Wyeth on Spring Street ($21,000), and a Jacobsen black leather egg chair for my bedroom ($9,000). I’d order custom queen-size orange sheets from Duxiana ($620). The look is sexy, but it’s spiritual, too.

I just bought a Helmut Newton, so I’d also order three Avedon originals ($141,500) from the Fraenkel Gallery in San Francisco. There’s a Cindy Sherman at Phillips called Untitled #92 ($478,400) that I died over. Her photography really makes me laugh. There’s a Warhol in my salon, but I’d love the Nine Multicolored Marilyns ($1,038,400), too.

I have a really nice kitchen. Top-of-the-line everything. But the only thing in my fridge is something a friend left. If I get really hungry, I’ll call downstairs and get slices of cheese and turkey or trail mix. I eat out all the time. So I’d buy dinner for six at Freeman's ($529.05), go to Strip House for steaks ($560), and take everyone from the salon to Per Se at 7:30 p.m. ($6,000). I went there last week, but we had a 9 p.m. reservation. It was way too late to be eating like that.

I don’t like to drive that much, but I love certain cars for their design. I’d special-order a Porsche 911 Carrera 4S Cabriolet ($140,000). They went back to the old headlights; it’s so genius. For my house in East Hampton, I’d get a Boston Whaler 305 Conquest ($162,918) with a 600-horsepower engine as well as a new surfboard from Main Beach Surf & Sport ($1,200). What I’d really like to buy is the house next door to mine, but that’s not in this budget.

Reality Check
What She Really Spent Today
Two soft-boiled eggs with a croissant at Sant Ambroeus ($9)

Ricola lemon-mint throat drops and Cetaphil at Duane Reade ($12.78)

Malin + Goetz body scrub from Jeffrey ($35)

One cupcake at Magnolia Bakery ($1.75)

Dinner for four at Babbo ($570)

Total $628.53


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