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Case Study

So someone gave you an iPod Nano over the holidays—now you need a holder. Which one offers the perfect blend of form and function?


International Gem & Jewelry Show, $12,495
With 10.36 carats of diamonds set in 120 grams of white gold, it weighs more than your Nano. Late-night subway flaunting not recommended. (By special order at or 301-294-1640.)

Coach, $78
The stripes are cute, and the wristlet is convenient. Player easily slides down into case, but once it’s in there, you can’t access the hold button (595 Madison Ave., at 57th St.; 212-754-0041).

Speck Products, $34.95
The rubberized iGuy might make a cute gift for a younger cousin—but is anyone both young enough to appreciate it and old enough to know how to work an iPod? (At J&R Music and Computer World, 1 Park Row, nr. Beekman St.; 800-221-8180.)

DLO, $29.99
Faux-stingray is a jazzy alternative to basic black. The flip-up cover not only offers protection, it also has a handy interior pocket to stash cash in. (At Best Buy, 60 W. 23rd St., nr. Sixth Ave.; 212-366-1373.)

Tunewear, $29.95
With a pack of three, the Icewear series is a better value than the Duo, and easier to slip on, but it’s not as cute and there’s only one skin layer. (At Tekserve, 119 W. 23rd St., nr. Sixth Ave.; 212-929-3645.)

iSkin, $29
The Duo has two layers of silicone protection in seven colors, and a flap to protect the charger slot, yet sliding the Nano through the screen opening is cumbersome. (At Tekserve.)

Belkin, $24.99
For the mall-rat look, the Carabiner clip is lightweight and can hang anywhere for easy access. Black leather with contrasting stitching offers subtle style. (At Target stores;

Marware, $23.95
The Sidewinder is the only case with a nifty sliding compartment for earphones. Hard plastic protects, while interior is soft. (At NYU Computer Store, 242 Greene St., nr. Washington Pl.; 212-998-4672.)

Case-ari, $14.99
Clear case best shows off a sleek black Nano and opens easily. But the necklace look—no belt clip—isn’t for everyone. (At J&R Music and Computer World.)

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