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The Look Book Goes to the Opera


Marcella Belle Luiso,
Senior Consultant, The Daniels Company
What are you wearing?
An Adele Ross. She was a high-society Madison Avenue designer back in the Kennedy years. She was very glamorous, this woman. She looked like Jean Harlow. I bought the collection from her niece. It turns out that I’d had an Adele Ross years ago that I wore to a party for an Italian furrier. There I was, competing with Sophia Loren’s agent’s daughter, so I really needed an exclusive gown. And now, many moons later, Adele is back in my life!

And the accessories?
My little bag is vintage from Florence, my jewels are from an Arizona designer called Jean Stetson. The shoes I’m wearing are from Tanino Crisci, one of the most elite Italian designers.

How long have you been coming to the opera?
My parents loved opera very, very, very much. Since I was 3 years old I heard it on the record player day and night. I also do volunteer work at the New Rochelle Opera.

What did you do to get ready for the evening?
I got my hair done by a very lovely lady. She’s quite excellent, I think. The name of the company is Gil Ferrer, and they’re located on East 74th Street. My exceptional hairdresser is called Paige.

How would you describe your look tonight?
Classic, because truly beautiful clothing is classic. This fabric would probably cost $500 a yard these days. To me, fashion is an art form, just like opera.

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