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Alexander The Great


LT: What I like most about being in New York is that I can just be a normal person.

AM:Do you never get hassled?

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LT: I do, but I'm quite eccentric, and I just run around and do all my things and go buy toilet paper. People look at me like I'm crazy. I have a driver for, like, sometimes if I have to go uptown. I like how unpredictable it is and how things can happen and affect your life. Here you have to see things, you have to help each other.

AM:Do you think New York is sort of an island of its own in America?

LT: I do.

AM:It feels really isolated.

LT: It's because there's so much diversity; there's so much in one place. People coming from all over the world to live these dreams. But it's not as bad as Hollywood. . . . We've been going upstate a lot. We have wild turkey and little baby deer. Apparently, the first week when the babies are born, the mothers, they go off on their own for the day --

AM:Facials, manicure, Brazilian --

LT: Sure enough, that night the mother came back --

AM:With a man!

LT: But it's nice to be back in the city. I think of it as a series of villages. I was in the East Village the other day, and I thought, Oh, I love the East Village, even though it's changed so much. There's an energy there that's nowhere else in the city. To me, one of the misconceptions is that people always think New Yorkers are really mean and cold --

AM:Well, you are!

LT: -- and don't help each other, but I've always felt that people are more generous and loving here than anywhere else in the world. For me, that's been my experience.

NY: Tell us what you're excited about in fashion this fall.

LT: I think camel toes are going to come back into fashion![Laughter.]

NY: Is that what you'll be showcasing in your fall collection?

AM:It's very gothic. Very Sleepy Hollow. I like to create things where you can make the clothes yours. Some fashion, it's like it's just art; you could hang it up in a frame. My clothes aren't like that: You can make them your own -- you can wear it.

LT: Like when I saw that red suit in the look book, it looked really quite dramatic and the hair was really black and the makeup was really severe. But then when I put it on, it looked very soft because of the way I did my hair and makeup. It looked like me. Your trousers -- oh, my God!

AM:She does good P.R. Do you mind if I smoke?

LT: No! I love it! Blow it all over me. Drench me in it!

AM:I will.


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