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Tops on Bottoms

How to turn your old T-shirts into . . . underwear.


Summer's over, and I'm sick of my T-shirts. But I can't imagine using my vintage AC/DC BACK IN BLACK tee— or my HARVEY MILK HIGH SCHOOL VARSITY WRESTLING cutoff— as a rag.
Turn them into underwear! U-Ware, led by designer Jonah Blechman, takes old T-shirts and reincarnates them (with a little elastic) as Speedo-like briefs. You can even send him shirts for personalized undies ($45;

Sounds very downtown. . . .
Well, Patricia Field has just began selling U-Ware, and Mary J. Blige's stylist snapped up a pair for her. Pretty chic, huh?

Um, I'm really more of a boxers person.
Blechman clearly isn't. "For the first time ever," he says, "we're expanding the spectrum of how people experience themselves down under. It's the new foreskin!"


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