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The Top 100 Architects & Decorators


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Richard Meier

475 Tenth Avenue (212-967-6060)
Honed over a more than 30-year career, Meier's delicate spaces are showcases for views and art, carefully sited and crisply detailed. "I like to create environments that are uncluttered and soothing," he says. The longtime New Yorker recently claimed a prime piece of real estate with the apartment towers at 173–176 Perry Street -- Nicole Kidman just bought a spot there. Clients: Bill Joy

MESH Architectures

115 Mercer Street, third floor (212-625-1446)
Eric Liftin enjoys pushing his limits: "I like active environments that encourage investigation and experimentation." His intelligent designs for folding, rolling, and light-emitting walls allow him to create flexible rooms with a space-age feel. Clients: Karl Sims and Pattie Maes, Liz Garbus and Dan Cogan

Richard Mishaan Design LLC.

150 East 58th Street, 22nd floor (212-223-7502)
Mishaan works with the eye-catching shapes and smooth edges of the great twentieth-century French designers, surrounding all that good taste with eclectic vintage objects and bright, savvy contemporary-art pieces. Clients: Jacqueline Krueger, Tiffany Dubin

Henry Mitchell

368 Broadway, Suite 504 (212-587-6340)
This young architect is fast making his name via budget-conscious, clever renovations and redecorations of brownstones and apartments. "In general, my style is classic, not dated," he says, "elegant but still fun." Mitchell's enthusiasm is infectious -- as are his whimsical, functional kitchen and bathroom designs. Clients: Gordon Chambers, Meredith Marshall, Roger Black

Juan Pablo Molyneux

29 East 69th Street (212-628-0097)
"My sense of classicism is consistent," says Molyneux. "It has nothing to do with the pedigree of the furniture. It has to do with how things relate to each other." He orchestrates spare, geometric spaces, articulated with art and architectural detail, deepened with old-world finishes like lacquer, scagliola, and verre eglomise. Clients: Richard Feigen, Dolores Smithies

Juan Montoya Design Corporation

330 East 59th Street (212-421-2400)
Light, lean, and Scandinavian are Montoya's watchwords, though, as he says, "I never repeat myself." The designer eschews the dark and carved in favor of the antiques of the recent past, placing pieces by Jean-Michel Frank and his ilk in modernist arrangements, letting the slim, sculptural furniture breathe. Clients: Edgar Bronfman, Jr., Fernando Botero

MR Architecture & Décor

150 West 28th Street, Suite 1102 (212-989-9300)
David Mann has a very quiet, almost scholarly intensity that he focuses on arranging the practical aspects of his clients' lives into exquisite modern vignettes. He set up a single mother, for example, with a home office on one wall of her living room, with slots for every last pencil and disk, and a beautiful curtain that hides the whole works in an instant. Clients: Ruby and Lofton Holder, Joyce and Tim Shavers

David Netto Design

270 Lafayette Street (212-343-7415)
A Park Avenue native, Netto offers décor by and for Bright Young Things: young, jet-set couples ready for grown-up homes. "You have to tell a story, get into character to add to -- but not distort -- who your clients are," he says. Netto makes savvy mixes of eighteenth-century reproductions with real antiques, shiny white lacquer with matte sand-blasted oak. Clients: Eliza Reed Bolen, Mark and Renee Rockefeller

Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz, LLC

75 Spring Street (212-343-9709)
Noriega-Ortiz's palette tends to the celestial -- silver, white, aqua -- though the objects in his constellation are as likely to come from eBay as from a tony antiques shop. He pulls together beads and Biedermeier, curves and crisp edges, via clever color choices and a bit of humor. "I have grown fond of acrylic, feathers, and crystal, which I have been using lately to give sparkle to my interiors," he notes. Clients: Lenny Kravitz, Laura Esquivel

Pierce Allen

80 Eighth Avenue, Suite 1602 (212-627-5440)
Architect Michael Pierce and designer DD Allen make an energetic team, injecting projects large and small with "tight plans, relaxed furniture, color on walls, and a balance on luxury and simplicity in fabric and materials." Accustomed to movie-star budgets, Allen still likes to scavenge, adding textiles that range from burlap to silk. Clients: Gwyneth Paltrow, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Ann Tenenbaum, Matthew Marks

Campion A. Platt

152 Madison Avenue, Suite 900 (212-779-3835)
Simplicity is Platt's mantra, a modern (not minimal) aesthetic. "With the stresses of the city, we provide an unstylized and quiet home environment," he says. The discerning may note a classical sense of proportion, but Platt's balanced rooms typically have a contemporary feel, thanks to "metal, Lucite, resin, and lots of natural woods." Clients: Al Pacino, Meg Ryan, Russell Simmons

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