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The Follow-Your-Bliss List


(30) Fiji, French Polynesia
Feel like you’re part of the family.
It’s on its own island, and only nine couples at a time can go. The new spa offers wasai (water shiatsu) and ten-handed massages. But the best part of Fiji’s Wakaya Club is the staff of 200, who call out Bula! with such delight when they see you, you suspect it’s a cry of joy, not just their way of saying “hello.” No wonder that, despite Wakaya’s rustic-luxe accommodations, your favorite memory will be when—if—the staff invites you to a lovo, a celebratory feast on the beach. While a pig roasts in the sand, Chef Moko and his staff sing, dance, and tell simple but affecting stories. Okay, you’re probably not the first person who’s heard them. But when the staff surrounds your plane before you leave and sings farewell, have a Kleenex handy (679-3448-128).

(31) Sydney, Australia
Catch truly fresh fish.
For anyone accustomed to the muted grays and blues of local catches, Sydney’s Fish Market is a color carnival of vivid orange, red, green, and silver. The auction starts at 5:30 a.m., and though there’s a tour at 7 a.m., most of the action is already done by then. Get there early to see the full range of exotics: googly-eyed black oreos, sleek king threadfins, and glittering golden trevallys. If you’re not too sleepy, you can pick one out, take it downstairs, and have it for lunch—sushi style or fried up with fat salty chips and a crisp local white—at the tables under the docks where the next catch is arriving (

(32) Morocco
Follow your nose through the Atlas Mountains.
Morocco is such a scent-heavy country that every minute inside a car or, worse, a tour bus feels like a wasted opportunity to inhale another perfume. The turmeric and orange-scented markets in Fez, the earthy dust of the Djemaa El Fna in Marrakech, and, best of all, the sweet woodsmoke that pervades the Atlas Mountains and the desert beyond tell more about the country than any microphone-toting tour guide. Which is why the best way to crisscross the country is with your snout to the wind, on top of a motorcycle—a boss BMW R 1150 R Rockster, for one—led, of course, by a crew who’ll navigate, negotiate, tote luggage, and repair as needed (

(33) Tulum, Mexico
Give your stomach a rest.
Adding the new three-day fruit-and-veggie fast on top of Amansala’s already notorious Bikini Boot Camp could mean that your growling stomach will distract from your aching muscles. But after 72 hours of jícama-and-carrot salad, gazpacho, and fruit smoothies, you’ll be boasting that inimitable purified glow (; $1,575 per person for six days).

(34) Venice, Italy
Pull out all the romantic stops.
You probably think it’s too corny to go to Venice for a romantic getaway; after all, the Piazza San Marco attracts as many honeymooners as it does pigeons. But here’s the loveliest way to find out why some clichés are worth giving in to. Reserve one of the rooms numbered 375 through 380, in the section of the moody but opulent Hotel Danieli called the Danielino. The room won’t be as big as you hoped it would be, but who cares, because when you two step out onto its balcony at sunset as the pink-tinged streetlamps flicker on over the Grand Canal, there’ll be chills, hugs, and kisses (39-04-1522-6480).

(35) British Columbia
Ski your own private freshies.
In the high peaks of British Columbia’s Selkirk and Purcell mountains, there are about a dozen remote ski lodges, accessible only by chopper or Sno-Cat—and mile after mile of deep, unbroken powder. Hike or skin up, float down, then do it again. And again. All for about a quarter of the price of heli-skiing. Though all of the lodges are quite basic, Purcell Mountain Lodge is the swankiest option, with a sauna and organic cuisine. At the other extreme is the Selkirk Backcountry Lodge, with no-frills accommodations (with outhouses) but awesome open bowls and steep couloirs above the treeline. In between, Sorcerer Lodge sits on the edge of an alpine lake that’s the perfect setting for epic post-powder beers and barbecue (from about $1,500 per week, all-inclusive;

(36) Escondido, California
Let a superb spa take control of your life.
For bar-setting luxury mixed with body-punishing workouts, the women-only Golden Door in Escondido, California, is still the time-tested best. Your every moment is planned, from the 6 a.m. power hikes and each pretty, garden-fresh meal (the scooplets of sorbet are served in frozen day lilies), to the daily afternoon massages and the labyrinth walk before bedtime. You may cry during the surprisingly cathartic silent-meditation hike (offered in January and July), but the sunrise outside your window (room G6 has the best view) will make up for it (from $6,750 per week; 800-424-0777).

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