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The Personalized Vacation Planner

It’s getting cold out. Soon you’ll be cooped up indoors, swaddling yourself in blankets and dreaming of far-off, preferably warm lands. Time to map out your escape.


As the temperature starts its steep and seemingly bottomless winter descent, it’s hard not to dream about ditching New York. Just a break, a respite. Nothing permanent. But where? In this town, vacations are too precious to take chances onor to waste on places you’ve been ten times before. Another trip to South Beach seems as refreshing as a 70-hour work week. You’ve skied Stratton Mountain so many times you mutter the names of the trails in your sleep. To help in these matters, we found a group of New Yorkers, quizzed them about their travel experiences and vacation fantasies, and prescribed for each of them a personalized solution, a destination that offers everything they’d normally want, but in an exciting new place. The result is a fresh roster of itineraries to suit every New Yorker’s taste. A foodie trip to Vietnam. An ice-climbing expedition in New Hampshire. An exotic honeymoon in the Andes. If those aren’t new enough for you, try Libya, where we’re willing to bet you haven’t been. Yet.

Andros Island, The Bahamas

The Foodie
Hanoi, Vietnam

Cuzco, Peru

The Ski Family
Whistler, British Columbia

The Africaphile
Gabon, West Africa

The Pioneer
Libya, North Africa

Bahia, Brazil

Adenaline Junkie
Mt. Washington, New Hampshire


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