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The Best of Everything


Kid Stuff

Andrew & Co. in Sag Harbor is great for clothes, nothing dressy, just mostly T-shirts, little rain jackets, and things like that. I also like The Wharf Shop nearby.
Nicole Miller

I always go to Harry Lillywhite's in Southampton, where we get tricycles for 3-year-old kids. Aunt Suzie's in Southampton has wonderful dresses that look almost like couture for kids.
Denise Rich, fund-raiser and songwriter

Southampton's toy-and-candy store Going Nuts is probably my favorite in all the Hamptons. I actually tried to get a job there when I was about 5: I told them that I would ride around town on my bike with Going Nuts balloons, yelling, "Go to Going Nuts." I wanted them to pay me in candy. It didn't work.
Shoshanna Lonstein

Wine Store

Herbert & Rist in Southampton won't give you the stuffy treatment. The selection is good, especially for European wines, like Rioja. And they don't mind coming around to my house and delivering it within about 5 minutes, so I never go thirsty.
Clive Cook

We always go to Wölffer's Sagpond Vineyards in Sagaponack: They have the best rosé.
Nicole Miller

If you find on a Sunday that you're having a lunch and you realize you don't have enough wine, all the liquor stores are closed, but you can go to the vineyards and buy it because they're governed by a different, agricultural law.
Pamela Gross

Michael Cinque of Amagansett Wines & Spirits is a world-class sommelier, and patrons include Ron Perelman and Mort Zuckerman. It's as good as any store in the city.
Steven Gaines


There are great pastries at Sylvester & Co. in Sag Harbor, and blueberry muffins that are really sour.
Nicole Miller

Kathleen's Bake Shop in Southampton has the most delicious chocolate-chip cookies. They're so buttery, they stick together and you have to peel them apart.
Karen LeFrak

Bloody Mary

The Driver's Seat in Southampton has a thick tomato thing with celery. It will straighten out your hangover -- God, I sound like an alcoholic.
Andrew Sasson


Behind East Hampton High School, Iacono Farms is a real local fixture that sells chickens killed fresh that day, so it's the best chicken you can possibly get. But the farm tends to run out of them around noon.
Matt Nye

The place in Southampton, which is absolutely the best, is family-run Catena's Market for meat. It's much more expensive than anybody else, but it's worth it.
Mai Hallingby, socialite


The Parrish Art Museum in Southampton does an amazing job; there's an arboretum with an air-conditioned tent over it that Robert Isabell designs.
Chappy Morris

Southampton Hospital is fun because everybody goes to it -- everybody.
Jamee Gregory


Jimmy at the Bridgehampton Country Market has been doing my meat for seventeen years. Dreesen's in East Hampton is good, and the shop delivers; it's a fabulous if you don't mind paying $18 for veal scallopini. I get the same quality of meat from Jimmy at less than two thirds the price. If I need frenched lamb chops, I just phone him, I don't even bother my chef with it.
Brent Newsom

Water View

The fact that the beach is here -- and that it's so unpopulated -- makes anywhere on any of the beaches special. And any beach is unpopulated if you walk about 500 yards to the right or left; it always amazes me that all these people choose to park their stuff in the same place. The bay at Three Mile Harbor is also quite beautiful.
Ross Bleckner

East Hampton Point is one of the few places that reminds me of Sausalito, where I was raised.
Brent Newsom


Jane Wenner's in Amagansett; architect Ward Bennett just cannot be faulted. The house is on the Double Dunes and it's all about the view, with wonderful, amazing vistas on every side. Also, Billy Joel's house nearby, designed by Robert Stern. When I walk in that house, I feel like Alice in Wonderland who just drank the drink that shrunk her; the dimensions are great, and there's a fabulous widow's walk on the roof. And the French country house on Further Lane where Jackie and Lee Bouvier spent their youth. This is the ultimate house that my husband, Mick, covets every time we drive by.
Ann Dexter-Jones

You can almost pick out any house in Sag Harbor -- those wonderful old Victorians with the porches and the wonderful roofs. As you enter from the Bridge-Sag Harbor Turnpike, that whole section by the museum is full of great houses. Also: Those two Gwathmey Siegel houses side by side on dunes in Bridgehampton; they were designed together so they have a vocabulary between them.
Preston Phillips, architect


I can only afford Sagaponack's Loaves & Fishes once a month -- it seems like it's $20 for a quarter-pound of anything -- but the lobster salad's incredible.
Andrew Sasson

Villa Italian Specialties across from East Hampton train station makes its own sausage; the "combo" sandwich is the best Italian hero I've found. Frankly, they don't need much touting -- you damn near need a ticket to get in the door.
Brent Newsom

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