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Wishful Thinking

Two very different New Yorkers—one an artist engaged to a former punk rocker, the other a workaholic restaurateur—reveal their current heart’s desires.


Ali Smith, 35
Photographer, graphic designer, author, and musician

What I Want This Year:
1. Leica M-7 camera
In a world where you’re probably going in a digital direction, it’s an indulgence ($2,795;
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2. Sixties mod dresses
A-line skirts and hip-huggers. I want the wardrobe that Julie Christie, Ursula Andress, and Anna Karina wore in the sixties (Féraud, $675, Courrèges, $1,000; Cherry; 212-924-1410).

3. Woody Allen and John Cassavetes DVDs
Their films are complex, which I appreciate (Féraud, $675, Courrèges, $1,000; Cherry; 212-924-1410).

4. Malpeque oysters
A lifetime supply, if possible (Plateau Fruits de Mer at Blue Ribbon, $62).

5. iPod mini in pink
For my fiancé’s teenage daughter. It would need to have every Neptunes and N.E.R.D. song, because she loves Pharrell ($249;
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6. Jill Platner jewelry
She does strong jewelry, and I like heavy blobs of organic shapes (

7. iMac G5
I’ve just started to record in Pro Tools; now I have the luxury to sit alone and figure out what I have to offer musically (from $1,299;
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