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Take Five

Twang-rocker Ryan Adams returns with Demolition, culled from five unreleased albums.


So what's being demolished?

No, demo-lition, as in record demo. Ha ha. I wasn't going to release a record this year, because people were getting very tired of me.

How could you tell?

Ooooh -- every other music magazine is calling me a twat.

Is there a theme connecting the thirteen songs?

They were all favorites of a friend of mine who died of cancer. I really loved her, but she's dead. That's what happens.

Romantic disaster is a thread. What's the best kiss-off line ever thrown at you?

Besides "Fuck off and die"? Maybe the girl who said, "Eat a salad once in a while."

Are you touring?

I'll go out with a guitar and a piano. But anyone that thinks they should buy Demolition should buy Daybreaker by my friend Beth Orton instead. She's a real songwriter. I'm just a fucking bigmouth.

Yeah, but I'll bet you can get tickets to see the Stones at Roseland.

Yup. Without any problem. Hey, man, it's not my fault that Keith likes me.

(Lost Highway; September 24).
Ryan Adams appears at the Beacon Theater October 10.


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  • From the Sep 8, 2002 issue of New York
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