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Fall Preview


Think of fall as spring—but for the brain. It’s the season of fresh ideas, new cultural excitement after a lazy (or in this case rainy) hiatus. And so it is this year. Quentin Tarantino and Uma Thurman are together for the first time since Pulp Fiction. Hugh Jackman (as Peter Allen) and Euan Morton (as Boy George) debut on Broadway. Martin Amis has written either the world’s best or its worst novel (there is hot debate). Merce Cunningham is collaborating with Radiohead, Jean-Georges Vongerichten is collaborating with Gray Kunz, and Isaac Mizrahi is collaborating with . . . Target (he also has a swank new made-to-measure line). So what if the city wasn’t exactly at its finest this summer? Happily, seasons change.

It was a long, wet (not to say dark) summer, but fall looks bright—even hot—for arts and entertainment. Our sneak preview.

Halle Berry goes mental, Uma goes martial, and Gwyneth channels Sylvia Plath

Hugh Jackman does Oz, Taboo crosses the Atlantic, and Little Shop of Horrors returns

Tom Valenti goes Italian, Robert Pearson takes barbecue uptown, and Gray Kunz and Jean-Georges blend their inventive talents

The Met salutes El Greco, Rosenquist takes the Guggenheim, and the ICP holds its first triennial

The Rapture goes major, Courtney Love flies (scarily) solo, and Iggy reunites with the Stooges

Merce teams up with Radiohead, Lang Lang takes the stage, and Carnegie Hall goes underground

Jhumpa Lahiri goes long, Jonathan Lethem revisits Brooklyn, and Martin Amis takes on his critics

Coupling is the new (sexier) Friends, Whoopi hits the Bowery, and Paris Hilton moves to Arkansas

Isaac Mizrahi targets high and low, Facconable frenchifies Fifth Avenue


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