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How to Party Like It's 1992

Solving Lollapalooza


After a few years of uninspired lineups, Lollapalooza is back on track with a strong two-day bill that ranges from angsty-as-ever Morrissey to the newly revitalized Modest Mouse.

Both days are during the workweek, so choose one: the second, August 17. Buy tickets in advance because it may sell out. You’ll catch the only New York show of the reunited Pixies, as well as PJ Harvey, also making her only local appearance of the year (other than the secret gig she just played that you probably missed). The festival starts at 2 p.m., but you’ll catch all of the major acts if you get there by four. Don’t bother with a cab, since there’s only one road on and off Randall’s Island. Instead, take the 6 to 125th Street, where you’ll transfer to the X80 bus. It costs $4, and you’ll need exact change in coins or a MetroCard that’s not unlimited. The bus drops you off right in front of Downing Stadium. If there’s even a hint of rain, bring trash bags to sit on—and hand sanitizer, because running water will be a distant dream once you’re there.

Be sure to hit the merch tent as soon as you arrive—not after the show, when it’ll be sold out of anything worth buying. And if you plan on getting anywhere near the stage for a headlining act but can’t afford to get there early, work your way to the front by going down the side, and then cross into the middle. It helps to have a female member of your group lead the way, with boys following sheepishly behind. If you want to get close enough to see Frank Black’s crazed expressions but not get moshed to death, stop at least twenty people deep from the stage. Be assertive, and don’t let a few angry stares bum you out. Most important, expect to be soaked with sweat and covered in dust, and if you have to elbow aside Long Island jocks on line for the bus back, well, consider that part of the fun.


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