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Q: During a trip to London, I fell in love with a Victorian sapphire ring that reminded me of my grandmother. I thought I could find something like it at home, but I haven't, and I won't be returning to England anytime soon.

A:If you can't find what you're looking for, then get a pro to create it. One of the city's best resources for custom-made jewelry is, of course, 47th Street's Diamond Row, but unless you're the type to carry your own loupe, you're liable to be a tad overwhelmed by the sheer volume of choices. Gary Rayzman, owner of Harry's Jewelers (66 West 47th Street, Booths 8&-10; 212-921-4763), is a 40-year veteran who can fashion the keepsake of your choice, be it modern or antique, from gold or platinum. Just bring in a picture -- even your own scribbles will suffice -- and the Russian expat will get to work. For the less-imaginative, this old-school craftsman can sketch suggestions.

For a more downtown vibe, head to Oxygène Collectif (188 Orchard Street; 212-995-8497), where Serbian émigré Jelena Behrend and former model Maria Luisa Mosquera mold metals into everything from heavy linked chains to hand-hammered sheet rings. The pair, whose clientele include Lenny Kravitz and Madonna, can modify their own designs or render a custom creation in platinum, gold, or silver. Your whim is their command.

Clear Metals (72 Thompson Street; 212-941-1800), a tiny SoHo shop that speaks charm, not attitude, has been around for nearly a decade. The brainchild of Barbara Klar, a Cleveland native who draws her creative inspiration from Celtic, Egyptian, and American Indian cultures, it specializes in made-to-order jewelry. Klar, whose pieces are carried in Barneys and Fragments, will lend her eclectic touch to create just about anything her clients request, from unique old-fashioned wedding bands and pearl-drop earrings to bulky I.D. bracelets and medieval-style chains.


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