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Q: I've got a bunch of old Super 8 movies and a few old LPs (recordings not available on CD) I just can't part with. Any suggestions on preserving a bit of my analog past in this digital age?


A: There's a certain charm to rolling out ye ole movie projector, or warming to the snap, crackle, and pop of the turntable, but of course your old A/V equipment can't last forever. Your movies and music, however, can -- if you transfer them.

One of the best image shops around, Spectra Photo (six locations in town, including 77 Christopher Street, 989-0626) does more converting than Evangelical missionaries. For 15 cents a foot (with a 400-foot minimum; a three-minute reel is 50 feet), Spectra will transfer your filmed memories to VHS.

Coming to the rescue of those albums that didn't make it through the Great Format Conversion of the mid-eighties is Audio Mixers (213-5335), a recording studio that will take your beloved LPs and faithfully duplicate them onto more durable CDs. Work can be done within two days, but a word to the wise -- at around $100 an album, it's cost-effective only for a few records. Anything more, and you'd be better off buying a CD recorder (if you're PC-equipped and tech-literate) and doing the job yourself.


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