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How to Care for Pearls


Keep them away from dry environments.
Because they were once living organisms, pearls have 2 percent moisture in them. If they get too dry, the nacre may crack and they’ll dull.

Don’t let anything acidic near them.
Perfume, hair spray, body oils, and jewelry cleaner all contain chemicals that will erode the delicate nacre and dull the pearl’s luster. So put pearls on after applying makeup, not before. When you take them off, wipe with a damp cloth and store in a soft pouch, away from other jewelry.

Restring them once every two years.
The silk string thread slowly frays, stretches, and becomes more likely to break over time. If you wear pearls more than once a week, restring them every year.

String them with knots between each pearl.
It will stop them from falling off if the string breaks, it keeps them perfectly aligned, and it prevents the most fragile part of the pearls, around the drill hole, from colliding.


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