Meet the Residents of MacDonough Street

People were concerned about how you felt. And you really don’t find too many people who do that on the block now.

—Terri Hanna

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Terri Hanna, 51Current Owner

When I became president of the block association in 2006, we didn’t have tree guards. I got them. We didn’t have the lampposts in the yards. There were city programs we could sign up for, so I went around to each neighborhood and said, “Hey, would you like a lamppost?” So we got that. This block was infested with rodents because there were abandoned buildings on this block and around the corner. So the city decided to give us these garbage cans that prevented them from going into the garbage. I saw to it that everybody got that.

I actually called this house paradise the first day I met it. I didn’t care about the holes in the wall. It was just an energy. Everyone who comes into my home feels that warmth. My husband, he passed away in 2005. So ’06 is when I made this my home. I had to go through grieving counseling, and she said you have to make it your space. I didn’t know if I could stay here. The people on the block were really, really friendly. They saw me when I was in that depressed mode. They would comfort me. It was like a little family.