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Love by the Numbers
  The results of our exclusive poll! Here's how New Yorkers really feel about dating and sex after 9/11. Your turn: Weigh in with our dating and sex polls.
 Serious Fun: What the Survey Said
More New Yorkers want marriages, fewer are having casual sex ...
Cheap Dates: 15 Under $60
Creative ways to spark a recession romance.
Candace Bushnell at 43
The real-life alter ego of Sex and the City's Carrie Bradshaw is still single — and still the princess of the New York night.
Goodbye, Mr. Big.
A look at love after the gold rush.
Sex Outside of the City
Susan Dominus reports on being single in the suburbs.
Tales from the Front
  Interviews with couples who've stayed together.
Pick-Up Scenes and Romantic Bars
  Where to meet someone — and take them next time.
Naked City
  Columnist Amy Sohn on sex and dating in Gotham.
Follow the lives of 11 single New York women
Begins March 3 at 9pm on MetroTV
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