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"In the last five years, AIDS was much less in the spotlight and people were less worried. This doesn't necessarily mean that people are having more casual sex, but people are less stressed about AIDS." — 38-year-old straight man, Manhattan, Web developer

"I really want to wait longer in the relationship [to have sex] until I know if it's going to get serious. I think otherwise it just complicates things." — 27-year-old straight man, Brooklyn, works in advertising

"No one wants to be with just one person. Life is too short. But I do think that, post-9/11, people do want to be closer, and maybe that is with one person. But I want to get to know several people before that happens." — 24-year-old gay man, Bronx, makeup artist

"When I started going on, the selection wasn't good. But now almost all my friends have tried the dating sites. The funny thing is that so many people are doing this now that I'll look at a profile and say, 'Hmm, that's a good screen name,' and then I realize that it's the guy two offices down." — 35-year-old straight woman, Manhattan, works in publishing