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Why the Trump Tax Cuts Might Jack Up the Deficit More Than Anybody Expects

Republicans in Congress have spent weeks insisting their tax-cut plan would increase rather than decrease tax revenue, the findings of every credible budget estimate notwithstanding. Yesterday, the Treasury Department published an “analysis” purporting to support the Republican claim. The document, one page long, consisted of restating its assumption that the tax cuts — in combination with other, as-yet-unwritten bills to reduce social spending and increase infrastructure — would increase growth enough to pay for itself. It does not show how the tax cuts, or the tax cuts plus all the rest of Trump’s ideas, would produce the growth rate it assumes.


Alabama Preview: Turnout Will Win It For Moore or Jones, But Republicans Will Have a Headache Either Way

The December 12 special Senate election in Alabama is a high-stakes event in a place where general elections are normally snoozers dominated by Republicans. This election could reduce the GOP margin in the U.S. Senate to a bare majority and make a momentous 2018 Democratic takeover of that chamber significantly more likely. But if the GOP candidate wins, the results could create some extremely uncomfortable moments in the party’s Senate cloakrooms, compounded by a possible Ethics Committee investigation and even a vote for censure or expulsion, amid fears that anything less than that might brand Republicans as the party of sexual predators at an especially inauspicious moment. And now on the eve of the election, the outcome remains uncertain.


Sanders-Clinton Commission Agrees on Changes to Make the Primaries More Open

For those longing for a continuation of the supposed Struggle for the Soul of the Democratic Party between 2016 supporters of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, the final meeting of the Democratic Unity Reform Commission may have been a disappointment. Members of the commission, appointed at last year’s Democratic convention for the purpose of addressing complaints by Sanders supporters that the nomination process was “rigged,” agreed unanimously on a set of changes that were not revolutionary, but will (if implemented) change the familiar landscape of the recent past.


Report Suggests Trump Told Flynn to Lie to the FBI

It has never been clear what crimes, if any, Donald Trump might have personally committed in the course of the Russia scandal. But in the 24th paragraph of a new NBC News report on the investigation is a sentence that indicates Robert Mueller’s cleanest shot — so far — at proving illegality by the president. Mueller, NBC reports, “appears to be interested in whether Trump directed [Michael Flynn] to lie to senior officials, including Pence, or the FBI, and if so why, the sources said.”




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July 28, 2016

The Last Night of the DNC

Clinton didn’t screw it up – but she didn’t soar either. She owned her wonkishness.