Mona Chalabi’s ‘Dear Mona’ Advice Column Moves to Science of Us

Mona Chalabi

Mona Chalabi’s (@monachalabi) “Dear Mona, Am I Normal?” statistics-based advice column is moving to New York Magazine’s Science of Us site, appearing on a biweekly schedule beginning today, with Dear Mona: Am I Too Loud During Sex? In the “Dear Mona” column, readers can find solace in statistics as Chalabi tells them how many other people masturbate, switch jobs, do jury duty, or break up with the same person twice (not all at the same time — although everything has a probability).

Chalabi is data editor at The Guardian and previously wrote “Dear Mona” for FiveThirtyEight. She began to write about statistics after analyzing large data sets in her roles at the Bank of England, the Economist Intelligence Unit, Transparency International, and the International Organization for Migration.

‘Dear Mona’ Moves to Science of Us