On the Cover: Fall Preview Mural

The mural photographed for New York’s Fall Preview cover. Photo: David La Spina/Esto for New York Magazine/David La Spina/ROMAN NVMERALS

New York Magazine’s Fall Preview issue was planned with three consecutive covers, and editor-in-chief Adam Moss wanted something ambitious and artistic. Design director Tom Alberty and deputy art director Chris Cristiano had long admired the hand-painted murals done by Colossal Media, and thought to commission them to paint one that would span across the covers.

The covers.

The mural was painted at Kent Avenue and South Third Street in Williamsburg, measuring 23 by 49 feet, and is up for viewing now through September 11. The painting, which features the artists and actors in some of fall’s most anticipated projects, took ten gallons of paint, ten artists, and 258 colors to complete, in just under ten days (watch a video of its creation below); it’s based on a collage by Gluekit.

Sorry! This video no longer exists.

Colossal’s managing director Kelly Peppers tells us: “Colossal’s craft requires talent, technique, and daily endurance. From color mixing, to patterning, to painting at the wall, each step demands precision and accuracy.”

On the Cover: Fall Preview Mural